I’ve had enough of the rat race – have you?

Are you here because you have realised that after working for anything up to 40 plus years, planning, saving,  perhaps investing to make sure you would have a fabulous retirement, you’ve suddenly discovered it’s not enough money?  Were you hoping to retire a few years early but have realised that’s not going to happen? Perhaps your small business hit a wall, or your marriage ended and the result is that your retirement plans and dreams are lying in the dust. Depressing isn’t it?

I felt so flat when I hit 57 and did the numbers and realised that stopping work in the next 8 or so years was impossible.   Thank goodness I saw an ad telling me I could start an online business and work part-time from anywhere in the world. I was very curious to find out how – and I guess you are too.

I found my escape pod – and there’s room for you too!

My online business Top Up My Retirement Funds is specifically designed for people just like me;  fifty and sixty-somethings approaching retirement who have now realised they don’t have the funds they need to live the kind of lifestyle they want in retirement. Like me, they may have had enough of full-time work but are unable to slow down or stop because they simply don’t have enough money yet. Thank goodness I found a way to escape from the ‘same old same old’ and make the money I want working for myself – from anywhere in the world. Let me share it with you.

My Story

I was 55 years old and life was good. I had a great job as a manager in a university, great friends, a vibrant social life, a connected and loving family, some savings, some retirement funds and investments, and a lovely apartment with a very manageable mortgage. I was single but had just started dating a lovely man (Anthony), who I was beginning to see a future with. Everything was going well until I won a free 30-minute consultation with a financial planner.

He gave me a list of preparation I needed to do before the session.  I wrote down everything I had managed to put together as far as investments go, then my compulsory superannuation (pension fund) and planned savings amounts once I got my mortgage paid off in the next year or two.

I read the total and thought to myself – well that seems alright. I guess that will be enough so I can retire in a few years and we should be fine to travel the world, have loads of adventures and come back to my unit  or his house in ten or twenty years when we’ve had enough travelling.

The Financial Planner started by asking me what my vision for my retirement was. I painted him a wonderful word picture of  travelling the world (hopefully with Anthony) and living in many different countries, working as a volunteer at times, and cruising down the Rhine in summer, a cruise to Antarctica or Alaska at some stage, safaris in Africa etc, relaxed and easy café lifestyle with spontaneous adventures along the way.

He looked at my single page of numbers and said ok, well some of that is definitely possible on this amount – well done. You planned well, got some investments together and you should be able to live a pretty good, if frugal life on this amount – especially if you live in cheap countries and manage your travel and living costs carefully. I’m not sure the cruises and safaris will fit within this budget as they will dip into your capital too much. You need to keep in mind that this money has to last for up to 40 years. The economic forecast for property is for a significant drop over the next five to ten years in keeping with the usual cycles, so you need to adjust your numbers well down as you won’t be seeing the kind of growth you’ve seen in the last ten years again.

Gulp. I was counting on that growth.

I asked how much I would need if I wanted to live a lifestyle where I was able to do some cruises, travel business class sometimes and eat out regularly etc. He laid out a few options for me – all of which started with the word ‘a million…’  and seemed absolutely unattainable. He suggested I cut back my living expenses and lifestyle now and for the next ten years so I could pay off my unit and pour every spare cent into my superannuation (pension fund). I should also look for any potential second income source I could find.

I walked out feeling gutted. My dream retirement had just vanished. I couldn’t see any way that I could get the kind of money together I needed for that dream. I spent the next few days talking about it with friends and decided I would just have to adjust my expectations and dreams downwards. I felt flat for a few weeks as I was so disappointed that after working for over forty years, I wouldn’t get to ‘live the dream’. Then I got on with life no longer particularly excited about my future and wishing I could stop working full time. Getting out of bed for work was just a drag and I couldn’t be bothered putting my hand up for the extra projects etc at work.  In other words – I felt flat and uninspired and lost a lot of my enthusiasm and zest for life. 

Then it happened. I was listening to a YouTube video when an ad started up and a woman’s voice said, “Are you looking for a second income that you can work on from home? Would you like to build a business online that would allow you to quit your day job and earn a fantastic income while you sleep?” Now she had my attention. I clicked on the ad and read and listened to more – and I liked what I heard so I emailed to get the free video workshops and find out more. Of course, I was skeptical – there are so many get rich quick schemes out there, but this seemed different. I followed through and when I was pretty sure it was legitimate, I signed up for further information – and that day changed my entire future.

The training, support, guidance and infrastructure I needed to start earning a second income almost immediately while I kept working was all there. I got stuck into the training and I loved it! I started to earn income to top up my retirement funds and I joined a community of extraordinary, vibrant, enthusiastic people all committed to helping others achieve their financial goals. I got my ‘mojo’ back completely and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m on track to reduce to part-time work soon and I will be able to retire way earlier than I planned – Woo Hoo! The best part of all is that I’m now coaching others in how to do exactly what I did and I have a community of ‘would be retirees’ all working on their own online businesses and achieving their goal to retire early and quit the rat race!

My online affiliate business gives me an ongoing income for life. I will get to live my dream retirement, take those cruises, fly business class, and do anything else that takes my fancy, and I will not have to think about money! All I need is a laptop and a WiFi connection and I can run my business from anywhere.

I’m so thrilled I’m skipping around the place and I can’t take the smile off my face!! This is exactly what I needed.

Let me introduce myself

My name is Dee Mahon and I’m in my  50’s and after years of resisting growing older,  I’m so excited about the next stage of my life I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Here’s a little bit about me so you can get an idea of who I am.

Where I live

I am blessed to live in two fantastic locations on the Australian Eastern Seaboard. I live in Neutral Bay, just near the Harbour Bridge in Sydney during the week while I am working part-time in the CBD. I then I travel an hour and a half to the beautiful Central Coast of NSW where my partner lives full time. I spend my extra-long weekends with him enjoying the glorious beaches, beautiful national parks and wonderful expansive waterways of this beautiful part of Australia.

My Family

I come from a huge Irish family and I know each and every one of them, their partners and their children. Given that I have forty-seven first cousins – this is no mean feat! How do we do it? Travel and  Facebook of course 😊.  All the new partners and babies are introduced to the family through this group and all their important occasions are captured here. We also get regular updates on the older generation as they all enter their eighties and each family deals with the joys, the trials and tribulations of the myriad of health hurdles they face.  I just returned from Ireland and was pleased to have sixty of my cousins and family join me at the pub for lunch.

I have a wonderful partner Anthony, who I live with part-time at the moment and look forward to travelling the world with as I reduce my outside work one day at a time and retire WAY earlier than I ever could have as my online business grows.

I have four wonderful brothers who were all clever enough to marry fabulous women and raise six divine children between them (not that I’m biased or anything ……….). They are all in their late teens and early twenties and watching them grow and develop through each stage of life is one of my greatest delights.

My hobbies and other interests

I have a keen interest in living for a very long time.  When I turned forty, I made many changes to my life to give myself the best possible chance to do that. Running, yoga or gym five days a week, healthy diet, vegetarian mostly, no alcohol, minimal sugar, great results on all my blood tests. Despite all this I had a heart attack at 56 and discovered  I have heart disease – and there is no reason for it. I just do, and I’ve had to accept that (which really took something).  So now I’m serious about keeping a good level of fitness by running, swimming and gym sessions most days of the week. I eat a plant-based diet and love the cooking adventures this leads me on. I watch loads of YouTube videos to educate myself about the nutrition I need and listen to podcasts weekly that reinforce my ‘clean living’ lifestyle. I also listen to podcasts and read spiritual development material to ensure I’m working on my inner health and calm as well as my physical health. Since discovering Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and many others, I am more peaceful and satisfied that I have ever been.

I also love great TV (Netflix etc), fishing, science, astronomy, cosmology and all things space. My partner and I share this keen interest and are in the process of planning a Space Tour holiday to the USA sometime soon. I’ve visited most of Australia’s space-related institutions and I just love it all.


My Passions

Coaching others to achieve their goals. I’m a qualified professional level coach registered with the International Coaching Federation, and have twenty years experience working with people to make changes in their lives. Career change, retirement or redundancy change, post divorce change – any area where people may be stuck but wanting a change is an area where I can help. 

Online Business Creation

I have built and run my own online business and I appreciate exactly what that takes to be successful. I mentor and coach others through their business establishment and any ‘speed humps’ they mat encounter as they grow a business that will allow them to retire early and have an income for life.


I just love travelling! I had my first overseas trip at 13 and caught the bug then and I haven’t stopped since. I’ve lived in Japan, UK, Ireland for a year or two and I’ve visited the USA and many countries in Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and the Middle East. I have my sites sent on Central America for my next trip but Im also tossing up seeing the northern lights as I visited above the Arctic Circle in summer to see the midnight sun. 


Favourite Business Books

The Four-Hour Work Week – Tim Ferris

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

The $100 startup – Chris Guillebeau


Favourite self-development / improvement books

The Power of One – Eckhart Tolle

The longevity Diet – Dr Valter Longo

Rising Strong – Brene Brown

The Blue Zones of Happiness – Dan Beuttner

The Hundred Year Life – Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott


Favourite travel destinations – (so far)

Dubrovnik – Croatia (and anywhere else in Croatia)

Mullingar – Ireland (where a train load of my cousins and their families live)

Bali – anywhere at all – when I need a break from the world

Bungle Bungles – Western Australia

Shanghai, Xian, Beijing – China

Sien Reap – Cambodia


Egypt and Israel


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